I’m like, halfway done with my work for the day.

& I wonder if my bawse will let me leave early once I ship my stuff.

I wonda…

the day looks nice.

I want to be out in the world 

and not stuck in here, please.


According to my boss, my hair looks like a “dad” haircut. 


So he walked up to me, shook my hand and was like, Bendicion Papi.


My new name is now Big Papi.

lolololol. Soooo this happened…

Where I’m seated, it’s in the post production office where the editors are and my job technically isn’t what they categorize as post production, it’s more legal work. So my boss calls me into his office and he’s like, you’re being moved. And I’m like……where? He tells me i’m being moved to the front part of the building (on the same floor) in an open space and a bunch of other people. We call it the classroom ‘cause that’s almost exactly what it looks like. lol. So I’m like, nahhhh. I’m not. I can’t be. I hate it over there. lol. He begins to explain to me that it’s out of his hands and i’m not post production, etc. etc. etc. So I’m listening to him and I’m like, this isn’t an april fools joke, right? He’s all like why would i make you move your desk and then tell you it’s a joke? And I’m like, not move my desk but you telling me i’m moving could be the joke. And he’s like, ohhh. that would be a good one but no. you’re moving. it’s outta my hands, etc etc. So I come back to my desk (which is literally in front of his office, we’re facing each other. lol.) and he comes to his office door and we’re talking about it and i’m like, can i start a petition or something? 

So i’m about to start fuming because I honestly DO NOT want to be in a huge open space full of 9 girls and less than a handful of guys…2 of whom I dislike/dont want to associate with, another who is just really fucking loud and omfg. idk if i can deal with that. and not only that but there’s always bosses and people walking around that area and some days, I just want to sit at my fucking desk, in my little corner, listening to music and not really dealing with anyone or seeing anyone. So as all of this is going thru my head, he had gone back to his desk and then he came back and he’s like, Hey Deedee….. -insert cheesy ass jester smile here-. 

I had just been fooled.

My first april fools ever being fooled. 

Good job, boss man. 

goodbye, world. apparently my job is gonna block us from accessing the interwebz. D: