My 4-20 was fucking great. Unfortunately, these are the only photos I have of my great day but whatevs.

pool. ribs. chicken. grilled corn on the cob. grilled zucchini. lots of pots. lots of salads with the pots. lots of mimosas. lots of drinking. lots of love. lots of great, beautiful faces. lots of amazing vibes.

my first little 420 get together and it was a fucking success. 

I think I was even drunk enough where I almost cried tears of joy when some of these  kids came thru. <333

aghhh. i love the people in my life. :)

I just wanna fuck for days.

just need to fuck until i’m completely & utterly satisfied in every part of my mind, body and fucking soul, yo.




I was playing around with one of our dildos last night. (just putting it in my underwear and pretending to have a penis. :P)

And I left it at the end of my bed last night so i wouldn’t have to get up…

and i dont really remember if I put it away….

or if i left it there…..

but if you walk into my room, it’s the first thing you see.

I hope my mom doesn’t go in my room today.



Summer time is coming up and living in Miami, it gets so fucking hawt.

I’ve been growing out my hair for a while now and I’m so excited to start my dread journey…


i want to be bald again.

It’s too hot to deal with hair.

& I miss being bald. :(


Is it a valid excuse to call in to work saying I’m too depressed to function? :o

I just really wanna smoke a fat blunt right now….

i want to have my own place where i can go home after work and wait around naked for my lady to come home…

and cry on the sofa naked if i wanted

and smoke in the kitchen naked if i wanted

and just fucking be naked…everywhere if i wanted

I feel stuck & I feel like I need to do something about it ‘cause I feel as if I’ll just stay in this spot forever. 

& I can’t have that.

I can’t.